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Driving Cost per Mile: The Advantages of Transporting

If you’re researching the cost per mile of driving your vehicle, it may surprise you that most cars and SUV’s are more expensive to operate than you may have imagined! The monetary cost of a flatbed or luxury vehicle transport is not what it was just a few decades ago. Modern trailers and haulers have driven down the cost of transporting any vehicle, whether it’s a vintage collectible a daily driver or a fuel inefficient pickup truck. Some experts and auto journalists even go as far as to say that vehicle transportation is the hidden gem of the auto industry. Whether fuel costs, depreciation or costly maintenance and repairs is your motivator, vehicle transportation might be the answer! The costs of driving vs. shipping your car might be more surprising than you think.

Is it better to ship or drive a car?

Long Distance Driving cost of driving vs shipping car

Fuel Costs

Transportation is not just a service for the rich! If you’re moving across country and own a vehicle that gets less than average gas mileage it may actually be more cost effective for you to hire a transport to load your car up at the house and bring it to your desired location. Studies have shown that the average American spends about $5,000 on fuel per year, many spending far beyond that. You won’t have to worry about rock chips in your windows, expensive fuel costs, unknown road conditions or other reckless drivers when you rely on a professional transport company.

Driving Car Long Distance cost of driving vs shipping car

Car Depreciation from Driving

If you own a valuable sports car, vintage vehicle or low mileage collectible you’re probably already aware of the benefits of transporting a vehicle across the country. Small dents, rock dings or even unneeded mileage could expedite depreciation of a car that might have otherwise been appreciating or holding its value. If you don’t even risk driving your pristine collectible car to the grocery store, why would you risk driving it to an auction or car show?

Car Maintainence milage or age more important

Maintenance Mile Markers

While a 500-mile drive across state lines may not seem like a long enough drive to do damage to the engine of your vehicle, it is important to keep maintenance and repair costs in mind. Many vehicles have recommended services that come every few thousand or ten-thousand miles depending on the model of your car or SUV. If you own a Porsche 911 and are approaching the 100,000-mile engine out service, you may want to consider a transport so that you can enjoy those final 500 miles in the canyons. Maintenance and Repairs are just another factor that contribute to the cost per mile of driving your vehicle!

Is driving or shipping my car cheaper?

In conclusion, before driving your vehicle across country for a move, to a car show, a vintage car auction or anywhere else you should consider how you’d be affecting the cost per mile of that vehicle. You should also consider how racking up those extra road miles results in increasing your personal cost of ownership. Transportation might not always be the answer, but it’s definitely worth considering in 2023!

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