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Shipping vs. Driving a Car Long Distance

Why Transport Your Car? Why Not Just Drive Your Car? If you are moving to another state, transporting your car is a big challenge. Is it better to drive or ship a car across the country or long distance? Here are some ideas about why car shipping is the better choice.


Transporting cars doesn’t put miles on the cars

Driving your SUV across multiple states to reach your new destination would mean adding so many miles to your vehicle. This increases vehicle usage by a long shot. On the other hand, simply transporting your car eliminates this problem. Not only can you get the car in your new location easily, but you can also reduce the wear and tear on the vehicle completely. So, no extra miles are added on to your car and it increases the life of the vehicle!

Long Road car transport do's and don'ts

Is it cheaper to drive a car cross-country or to ship it?


Transporting cars costs less than driving cars

Vehicle shipping proves to be a much more cost-efficient option when compared to driving it across the country. Essentially, this cost includes the fuel prices, the road tolls and parking fees, meals and lodging at different points, necessary servicing and the usual wear and tear maintenance. This could add up to a week’s income at the minimum, depending upon the distance to be covered. On the other hand, car shipping could take around $600 to $1000, everything included.

How long would it realistically take you to drive cross country or across state lines?


Doesn’t take time out of your life to transport cars

Auto Transport Shipping doesn’t take time out of your life to transport cars. Transporting your car means you are not losing time out of your schedule. Driving across the country would mean staying a few days on the move, on the road. Apart from the distance, you would also have to factor in elements like seasonal road challenges, traffic, driving style, and the likes. This could take anywhere from 2 days to a week. By transporting your car, you can get to work the next day! It is a rather clear choice here.

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Is car shipping safe?

Safety & Insurance

One big advantage of transporting cars is that they are insured throughout. Driving long distance would mean that your car is exposed to a lot of wear and tear and potential chances of accidents. Transporting them is a much safer option. This is because they are transported in safer, open or enclosed trucks and they are insured.

Protection Options

Cars can be transported in open or enclosed transportation

Cars can be transported in open or enclosed transportation. Transporting your car provides you the benefit of choice. You can either ship your vehicle in an open transport or an enclosed truck. This takes care of the safety and security measures of your car. The enclosed transportation option is especially useful since it reduces the possibility of damage to your vehicle. This is especially true if you are moving more expensive vehicles or luxury cars.

Enclosed Car Carrier auto transport guide

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