The first thing to remember is that all of our carriers are licensed and insured. This means that when you ship with Carnections, your vehicle is covered for loss and damage.

As is standard in the industry, the Carnections’ carriers use a document called a Bill of Lading(BOL) to keep a record of your vehicle’s condition. For each transport there are two BOLs, one for pick-up and one for delivery.

On these documents there will be an outline of a vehicle shown at various angles. This is used to record your vehicle’s condition both at pick-up and at delivery.

It is important that you thoroughly inspect the exterior of your vehicle along with the driver and record its condition on the BOLs. Most often the driver will also take pictures pick-up and delivery (feel free to take pictures too).

There are also sections on the BOLs specifically for exceptions. If you notice damage to your vehicle at delivery that was not marked at pick-up, be sure to indicate this in the “exceptions” area of the delivery BOL.

You or an adult you designate must sign the BOLs at pick-up and delivery.

Also be sure to get copies of both BOLs from the driver. In the unlikely case of damage to your vehicle, these documents serve as proof.

CALL us 800-909-2330 at delivery if you notice your vehicle has been damaged during transport. A transport specialist can walk you through the process.

Vehicle Condition Report