An “inoperable” or “non-functioning” vehicle is one that doesn’t start or drive with its own power. If your vehicle is inoperable it can still be transported. It only needs to be able to roll, steer, and have working brakes. There is an “INOP” fee (usually $150-$200) for loading and unloading since non-functioning vehicles require a winch to load and unload them on and off the car hauler. For more information requiring inoperable vehicles, see our services page.

Almost all cars have some minor damage, e.g. scuffs, dents, scratches, dings, etc. Minor damage to your vehicle is perfectly okay. It will be recorded on the BOL (see “What should I do if my vehicle is damaged?” section below) when your vehicle is being picked up. Your vehicle will be covered by the carrier’s insurance during transport for damage and loss.

Major damage is another story. If your vehicle is wrecked, salvaged, or otherwise majorly damaged, it will only be covered for loss. If you’re not sure if your vehicle’s condition permits it to be covered for damage, give us a call. We’ll probably need to see the car ourselves, so be prepared to email or text us some pictures of it.