The pick-up/delivery will be rescheduled, and you may be subject to a $200 rescheduling fee. It’s easier on everyone involved if we don’t need to reschedule, so try to have somebody available at both pick-up and delivery during the time estimates given to you by your Carnections’ dispatcher or driver. If you can’t be available yourself, have a family member, friend, or somebody else whom you trust, be available. The person(s) whom you designate to consign or receive your vehicle needs to be an adult and should be somebody who you trust. They will be responsible for doing the vehicle inspection, signing the BOL, and paying the driver.

Also, don’t take off work or sit at home waiting for the driver until you get a firm time estimate from him/her. Sometimes drivers get delayed and we don’t want you to have to miss work or waste your time for nothing.

Contact us at 800-909-2330 if no one is available at pick-up or delivery! WE CAN SEE IF SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE!