Your vehicle is made available to our network of licensed carriers. Once we have a carrier available to transport your vehicle on a specific timeline, we will let you know. If you give us the okay to assign it to the carrier, your deposit will no longer be refundable. Assignation to a particular carrier is usually done 1-2 days prior to the pickup date. At this time we will supply you with the carrier’s name and phone number if you request it.

We instruct our drivers to call you (or the point of contact at the pick-up location) approximately 1-24 hours before pick-up to let you know the approximate time he/she will arrive. He/she can usually give you a window of a few hours for pickup. Even though the carrier will call you, it is your responsibility to keep in contact with him/her and to make yourself available during the window the two of you work out.

The carrier will also usually give you a call about an hour to 30 minutes before he/she arrives. At this time you can work out with him/her the exact meeting location. The carrier will try to get as close to your desired address as possible, but auto transport carriers are big and can’t fit into small streets and most residential areas. Once the carrier arrives you and he/she will inspect the exterior of the vehicle and sign the Bill of Lading (BOL). This same basic scenario applies for delivery. The balance is usually paid at delivery, but can also be paid at pickup.