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In this blog, brought to you by Carnections you’ll learn about how a car from the 1920’s was different than one that you can purchase new from a dealership in 2020.

Evolution of Car Technology

Automobile Safety & Comfort Improvements

Vintage Car Interior collectible and historic vehicles

In the 1920’s there were no safety standards, fuel consumption regulations or requirements for crash testing. You may be surprised to hear that a Model T didn’t even have gas and brake pedals on the floor like any modern car that you can go out buy today.

In fact, it wasn’t until 1911 that cars had electric ignitions and 1930 before the first cars or trucks had the ability to receive radio broadcasts. While these technologies were introduced in 1911 and 1930, as you can imagine it was several years later before radio made it into the everyday working citizen’s daily driver.

Modern Car Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning automotive technology

When you walk into a dealership now the salesman or saleswoman will discuss the cars infotainment system, it’s Bluetooth capabilities and how you may even have to pay extra for more USB ports or satellite radio. The world of options and accessories is where modern car makers bring in the big dough but used to be where automakers would showcase the latest and greatest new features. In 1953 when Air Conditioning was adapted to be fit into vehicles such as the Chrysler Imperial all of a sudden, a customer was willing to pay premium to be the first house on the block with working A/C in their house and their car!

Pride and Joy of Automobiles

Why do we love cars?

Vintage Car automotive technology

This concept of putting off an heir of wealth and success often referred to as keeping up with the Jones’ translated from cars, to lawnmowers, houses and on. While some may think of a vehicle as simply an appliance, for most it’s their everyday outfit that goes to work with them and even has a distinct personality.

Car ownership through the years has not simply been about transportation and reliability, it’s also been one of the most popular ways to express yourself for nearly 100 years! Stories of growing up with a vehicle that is handed down from generation to generation can bring tears to your eyes and truly show how connected humans can get to machines.

As automotive technology has evolved over the years so have the driving experiences associated with cars of certain eras. The sixties were full of hotrods with more horsepower than tire, an era of dangerous racing and screaming metal deathtraps and the seventies, gas guzzling V8 muscle cars. The eighties were a time of fuel regulations and detuned vehicles designed to meet emissions standards which later turned into the digital dashboard era of cars that saturated the late eighties and early nineties.

The Love of Driving

Driving Cars automotive technology

In the last twenty years everyday commuter cars have gotten less exhilarating and more efficient while cars and trucks with real feel and usable horsepower are becoming more expensive and unobtainable. If you’ve been lucky enough to hold onto a car that gives you a passion for driving, you are in a special club. At Carnections we know what it’s like to drive the backroads and fall in love with a driving experience.

That’s why our transport vehicle drivers take extra care when handling any of our client’s cars and are trusted to travel anywhere in the United States!

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